All About Felt Stories (Flannel Board)

All About Felt Stories (Flannel Board)

Early childhood educators have been using felt stories (flannel board stories) for years. The felt pieces will sit upright onto felt boards or easels, thus permitting caregivers to provide vibrant and vibrant visible aides to a bunch of preschoolers. In addition, young children enjoy enjoying with felts themselves. Felt items can be used for telling a story or poem, as a visible addition to lyrics of a track, to help educate concepts, or utilize as a transition out of group circle.

The Advantages of Using Felts in Early Childhood Settings

Felt materials is beneficial to all young children, but specifically is beneficial for children who want additional consideration visually. Children who have speech delays profit with massive visible pieces to view as the words are being spoken, as with children whose language being spoken just isn't their first language learnt at home.

Additionalmore, Preschool felt board boards may also help children who are listening to impaired as the items are easy to see. At a bunch circle, the teacher/storyteller may give felt items out to the children to convey to the board and contribute, thus involving children who in any other case is perhaps simply distracted and/or disruptive to the trainer led activities. The benefits of this alternative method of storytelling and teaching are plentiful.

Felt Tales and Poems

One of the favourite methods to use felt boards is to inform a narrative with the felt pieces. Tales and poems which have restricted pieces or that contain pieces coming on and off to a board work the best. When there are too many felts wanted to successfully tell the story, the board can change into too busy and troublesome for the storyteller to manage effectively. Some solutions of books that transfer well to felt tales are Eric Carle's Brown Bear, Brown Bear and The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister and I Know and Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly.

In addition, utilizing brief poems are a wonderful approach of displaying the felts onto a board for the children to enjoy.

Felts With Songs

Songs will be enjoyed with the visible assist of felts. The children can listen to music on CD or take part with the teacher to sing. Some nice songs that correlate well to felts are fingerplay songs which have the number five within the title. Five is a nice number of felts to view on a board! Plus, we've 5 fingers to make use of for extra visualization and child engagement, similar to