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A second recall took place in 2001, costing Ford billions of dollars. In addition to the financial woes associated with these recalls, the company also faced strained relationships with its workers and dealers. William Clay Ford Jr.

William Ford has increased the company's attention on being more environmentally friendly. In late 2002 a report issued by the Union of Concerned Scientists revealed that Ford had improved somewhat in this area. In addition to its established vehicle lines, including Mercury and Lincoln, Ford operates rental car payday loans no credit check Hertz and has acquired foreign automakers like Jaguar (1990), Volvo (1999), and Land Rover (2000).

Formed by Chrysler's acquisition of Germany's Daimler-Benz in 1998, DaimlerChrysler is the number three car maker. The automaker's brands include Dodge, Eagle, Jeep, and Plymouth. Daimler was best known for luxury sedans. The company employed 441,500 people in 1998. However, its workforce fell to payday loans no credit check 372,500 workers in 2001, a total that included more than 104,000 workers in the Chrysler division.

The auto industry is a significant employer in the United States. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, manufacturers of motor vehicles and equipment employed an estimated 923,570 workers in 2001. Because of labor unions, the industry is known for paying higher than average wages.

Unions in the Automotive Industry. The United Auto Workers (UAW) union represents many employees within the automotive industry. In 2002 there were 710,000 active and approximately 500,000 retired union members. Organization of auto workers began in the post-Depression era. During the Depression, growing labor unrest resulted, as companies cut workers' pay, shortened work weeks, fired people irrespective of their seniority, and rehired only younger workers.

Workers also expressed job dissatisfaction, as companies increased the pressure Payday loans no credit check to speed productivity.