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Toro is rated because the 1 brand of electrical blowers and I agree with the customers. They're thrilled and impressed with the reliable and powerful leaf vacuum. Prospects are pouring in with giving it a score of five stars!

Toro leaf vac is a convenient two-speed motor that provides an adequate quantity of air move and air suction. It is super light weight and comfortable to wear and is so simple to maneuver with its well-balanced and compact design. There aren't any tools required to transform into vac.

The leaf vacuum offers a low or high speed. The high pace has the last word amount of power to deal with the most rugged of yard vacuum chores. It can even move rain-soaked leaves which have been impacted into your lawn.

Low speed is perfect for blowing round more delicate areas like round planted areas and flower beds where high air move would damage them. The low pace characteristic is also great for areas where the air velocity of high velocity only creates a mess like on hard surfaces or tight areas.

The Fast-Release Latch is conveniently designed onto the leaf vacuum for a fast conversion to hoover mode without having to use tools. The conversion is straightforward as pie on this leaf vacuum with just a easy switch.

Featuring an exclusive twine-lock system, it holds the power wire firmly in place so the extension wire will never come unplugged from the unit during use. Buyer's love this characteristic because not like other corded tools it's going to stay plugged in the entire time!

The outstanding ratio of 10:1 bag reduction lets you get the entire job of constructing your yard a show place finished within the comfort of 1 day. No more piles and mounds of leaves hanging round until the next season.

The leaf vacuum has a built in durable fan to reduce clogging, which improves and inevitably maintains a max vacuuming stream rate. Leading to a much better vacuum efficiency each operation. Problem free leaf vacuum, without the interruptions of messy and frustrating clogs.

Toro's best leaf vacuum has an ideal mixture of high air velocity at 230 miles per hour (MPH), and a big air volume of 255 cubic ft per minute (CFM). While it is in vacuum mode it has a even higher (CFM) of 390.