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Muay Thai is one of the most traditional and intense form of Martial Arts – The Different Styles art. Mastering the advanced moves of Muay Thai will be critical, however once you study it, you possibly can knock out any opponent within the ring. These moves also serve as a superb self-defence tactic.

Top five moves that can knock out any worthy opponents are:

The Straight Punch:
Popularly generally known as the knockout punch, the straight punch uses a combination of jab and cross punch that may put your opponent down. The straight punch combines an amount of weight and rotational drive from the fighter. Begin with throwing a jab at your opponent and swiftly throw the blow on your opponent. It may take time to study to make use of it properly, however with correct training and some core train, you can master this punch.
Straight Kick:
The straight kick move targets the jaws and face of your opponent, and correct execution will leave your opponent unconscious. Your kicking needs to be to focus on the exposed space between the face. Use your front leg to throw a straight kick on the face of your opponent for proper execution.
Jumping Teep:
You the jumping teep approach to assault your opponent with a forceful Teep. When you soar into the deep, the assault gets so vigorous that, it could actually throw your opponent away from you to a great extent. This move wants fixed practice. Look after your health and apply the move at your training camp regularly.
Jumping Knee:
The jumping knee attack forged an infinite impact on your opponent if you might land it correctly. Start with stepping up into the knee and assault the head of your opponent by gaining elevation alongside the momentum.
Backwards Elbow:
While touchdown a backward elbow move, goal on the chin of your opponent. You have to be quick while touchdown the strike as you will not get many windows however a successful backward elbow results with a devastating opponent.